We hope our friend from Kirchhain, Germany, will like this postcard of Jane Austen’s Emma!

Postcard 32 has been sent to Kirchhain, a town very near the heart of Germany, more than 1,500 km away!

Hope our friend Solveig will like these illustrations representing some scenes of our favourite comedy of manners in English: Jane Austen’s Emma (1815)

If you haven’t read it, let us tell you that Emma is a very entertaining and wonderfully written novel about matchmaking and misconstrued romance. Its protagonist Emma Woodhouse is “handsome, clever, and rich” but also a bit spoiled and, above all, not very skilled in matchmaking, which will lead to unexpected tragicomic situations!

Anabella, Luis and Silvia have explained to Solveig why they have chosen this postcard; you can find the reason here.

Thank you, guys!

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