Exploring Places LIV: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Postcard 33 has been sent to New Taipei City!
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Location of Taiwan. Wikipedia

Location of Taipei within Taiwan. Wikipedia
New Taipei City is a special municipality and the most populous city in Taiwan. Located in northern Taiwan, the city includes a substantial stretch of the island's northern coastline and surrounds the Taipei Basin, making it the second largest special municipality by area, behind Kaohsiung.

Districts in New Taipei. Wikipedia
New Taipei City was originally a county known as Taipei County before 2010, which surrounds Taipei. After the county's population overtook that of Taipei, it was decided that the county should be upgraded to city status.

...being a major city of business industries

Banquiao District Skyine. Wikimedia Commons
...having Taiwan's second-busiest seaport
New Taipei City port. Files.ctctcdn.com

Longshan Temple and surrounding markets

Longshan Temple. Traveltaipei.com
This is one of the oldest temples in Taipei City, it was built in 1738 by the first Chinese settlers, who came from Fujian. The temple is open to Buddhism, Taoism and traditional Taiwanese beliefs. This is also the center of Taipei’s oldest district Wanhua, which is famous for some of the biggest and most traditional markets in the city. The nearby Huaxi Street Night Market is famous for its snake alley, the Guangzhou Street Night Market is the biggest night market, full of traditional “xiao chi” or “little eats”, popular street food enjoyed by young and old.

Dadaocheng, Dalongdong

Datong Temple. Travel Taipei
These are two historic neighbourhoods within the old Datong district. Together with Wanhua district it forms the so called Old Taipei, the part of the city, that was inhabited by Fujianese settlers in the early 18th century. Dadaocheng is famous for old temples and the very long Dihua Street, one of Taipei’s oldest streets, which is famous for its colonial Japanese architecture as well as a plenty of traditional shops. The street is especially lively during the annual Spring Festival, the so called Lunar New Year.

The Memorial Halls

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Wikipedia
Taipei City is the political center of Taiwan (officially Republic of China), bearing a great significance locally, as well as regionally. Two historic figures, that have not only greatly  impacted the modern history of Taiwan, but also history of China, are honored with two iconic memorial halls. The first is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China in 1911 in Nanjing. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is dedicated to one of his successors, generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek, who continued the Republic of China on Taiwan in 1949 and ruled as president until his death in 1974. 

Statue of Chiang Kai-Shek. Wikipedia
His majestic 76m tall memorial hall is located in Taipei’s biggest square named Liberty Square. The neo-classical Chinese architecture is dominating the area together with the National Theatre as well as the National Concert Hall, who are also found here.

Thermal Valley

Thermal Valley. Travel Taipei
Located beside Beitou Hot Spring Park, Thermal Valley is one of the sources supplying the area’s hot springs. The sulfuric steam that blankets the valley year-round gives the valley a frightening quality, giving rise to nicknames like “Ghost Lake.”

"Ghost Lake" Thermal Valley Taipei. Guide to Taipei
 The springs here have the highest temperatures of any in the Datunshan volcano group. With its surreal sulfuric atmosphere, it’s no wonder Thermal Valley was considered one of the “12 great sights of Taiwan” during the Period of Japanese Occupation.


Although Taipei is somewhat like a large Western city with its go-go attitude, it's very different in other ways.

Watch the video below to find out all the opportunities New Taipei City has to offer!


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