An outing to Saint Martin's Cathedral

Saint Martin's Cathedral is one of the main landmarks in Ourense and, as you may well remember, it has been featured in postcards 10 (Germany), 23 (Belgium) and 35 (Sweden). This is why we have planned an outing with our Very Young Postcrossers to appreciate the beauty of this magnificent building.

To do so, we’ve had the inestimable help of Rocío Naveira, our language therapist, and Carlos Vélez, one of the coaches of the school’s basketball team.

Here’s the itinerary we have followed: 

On our way to the cathedral, we stopped at the Praza Maior in order to contemplate its stunning buildings and arcades.

Once at the cathedral, we were told that it is named after Ourense’s patron saint, Saint Martin, and we were taken on a guided tour to discover the treasures of this landmark, including its Main altar…  

its stained glass windows…

its impressive Portal of Paradise…

Christ’s Chapel

and its huge bells.

Thank you to the Diocese of Ourense for giving us the opportunity to explore this wonderful monument!


  1. It's really nice that young kids can discover Ourense's cathedral. Good idea!