Remembering Rosalía de Castro (1837-1885)

Many events are being held today all over Galicia in memory of one of our greatest poets, Rosalia de Castro. 

Rosalía de Castro por Luis Sellier. Wikipedia
She was born in Santiago de Compostela 181 years ago, on February 24, 1837.

Casa-museo de Rosalía en Padrón. Rosalíadecastro.org
She wrote poems and prose in Galician (Cantares Gallegos, Follas Novas, Contos da Miña Terra) and in Spanish (A Mi Madre, En Las Orillas del Sar) and her work has been translated into languages like English, French, Japanese and Portuguese.

Three ESO students, Adriana, Carlos and Álex have recorded a special podcast to celebrate such an important day for poetry lovers. 

Primary school students have also celebrated Rosalía de Castro’s Day by colouring pop-art illustrations of the poet and reciting some of her best-known poems with the help of their families!

Thanks a million!


Postcards around Europe

New Year, new projects!
ESO 3 students have started an eTwinning project entitled “Postcards around Europe”. As suggested by the title, students will exchange postcards with peers from Vigo and a number of European countries, namely Italy, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

Our Turkish collaborators have already sent us their greetings, sağolun!


Happy holidays!

Before 2017 comes to an end, we would like to share with you a wonderful video created by Andrea and Gema (ESO 3 students) with a number of 12 inspirational quotes to begin 2018 with motivation and strength!



Christmas Postcrossing

ESO 2 and 4 students are taking part in "Creative Classrooms", an awesome eTwinning project that includes a number of interactive tasks in English which allow students to collaborate with peers across Europe. Now that Christmas holidays are approaching, our students have selected a number of Christmas cards and have written holiday wishes and greetings to students from Croatia, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

Great job, guys! Looking forward to receiving cards from so many different places!


Marvellous postcard from Istra, Russia!

We have received a gorgeous postcard from Istra, Russia!

Thank you Yulia for having chosen such a wondrous view of Istra's best-known landmark, the impressive Voskresensky Monastery (New Jerusalem Monastery).

If you want to find out more about this Russian town, 3,509 km from Ourense, visit our section EXPLORING PLACES!

Exploring Places LXXXIV: Istra, Russia

A card has been sent from Istra!


Istra is a town and the capital of Istrinsky District in Moscow Oblast, in Russia located by the Istra River, 40 kilometers west of Moscow, on the Moscow–Riga railway.

Location of Istra

...being a centre of reseach in the area of electrical power engineering.
... being one of the places in which renowned short-story writer and playwright Anton Chekhov used to work.

Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)


New Jerusalem Monastery

New Jerusalem Monastery

The New Jerusalem Monastery was founded in 1656 as a patriarchal residence on the outskirts of Moscow. The monastery took its name from the New Jerusalem. This site was chosen for its resemblance to the Holy Land. The River Istra represents the Jordan, and the buildings represent the 'sacred space' or holy places of Jerusalem.

Istrinsky Drama Theatre

Plumber Statue

Plumber statue

New Jerusalem Museum

New Jerusalem Museum

The New Jerusalem Museum is a modern, state-of-the-art museum, located across the river from the eponymous monastery. Exhibits draw on the hundreds of thousands of items in the monastery collections, including weapons, icons and artwork from the 17th century to modern times. Highlights include personal items belonging to Patriarch Nikon, as well as 20th-century drawings and handicrafts from around the Moscow region.

Watch this video to take a look at some of Istra's landmarks:



Stop 57: Oklahoma City, the US

Our 57th postcard has been headed for Oklahoma City, the capital of the US state of Oklahoma, almost 7,500 km away!

Hope our American friend Briana will like this card featuring Rafael Cachaldora's vibrant illustration of Rúa Lepanto from which you have charming views of Ourense's cathedral:

Click DISCOVER OURENSE to read about this emblematic street in Ourense. Visit EXPLORING PLACES to learn about Oklahoma City!