Discover Ourense XXXII: Fish Farm in O Carballiño

Postcard 38 shows O Carballiño's fish farm, situated at the end of the walk of a residential area and the Local Park, in a haven of the river Arenteiro, near a Labandeira, in a foothill of the place known as Filomeno’s Island.

The fish farm was opened in 1961 and it was dependent on the Institute for the Conservation of the Nature (ICONA) until it was transferred to the Xunta de Galicia.

Piscifactoría do Carballiño. Carballiño.gal
Many of the trouts that are breeded in this fish farm are used in many Galician rivers.

Piscifactoria Carballiño from Albert Brull Gracia on Vimeo.

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