Exploring Places LXII: Mimoň (The Czech Republic)

Postcard 38 has been sent to Mimoň!

Mimoň, aerial view. Panoramio.com

Mimoň is a city of Česká Lípa District in the region of Liberec in northern Czech Republic.

Location of the Czech Republic. Wikipedia
Location of Mimon within the Czech Republic. Wikipedia

Mimoň is located at the mouth of Panenský potok in the Ploučnice on the old trade route from Zittau to Prague. It is dominated by the mountain Roll.


...its felt factories. The production of felt was introduced here by Anton Bayer in 1860.

Felt. http://i.ebayimg.com/


Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre

Chapel of the Holky Sepulchre. Mesto-frydlant.cz
J. I. D. Putz had it built as a copy of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem at his own expense. It features a three-wing ambit surrounded by walls, a small portal with the coat of arms of the Putzs of Alderhuzm, cross vault and arcades ending in a crescent. The chapel was rebuilt and consecrated in 1992.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Mimoň

Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Mimon. Wikimedia Commons
Zámecký most

Zámecký most. Wikimedia Commons
The bridge over the Ploučnice near its confluence with virgin stream is first mentioned in 1620. At that time still a wooden bridge provided shelter mimoňského estate owner Jan Müller from Mulhouse when it November 21, 1620 for participation in the revolt came to arrest imperial troops.Shortly thereafter, he was probably rebuilt in stone form, and in 1664 expanded into three arcs, such as stone is safely drawn urban plans from 1770, when the river flowed beneath the third arch.

Městské muzeum v Mimoni

Mestske Muzeum Mimon. Ceskolipsko.info
Would you like to find out more about the Czech Republic? Watch the video below for 10 interesting facts on this wonderful country.



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