Remembering Rosalía de Castro (1837-1885)

Many events are being held today all over Galicia in memory of one of our greatest poets, Rosalia de Castro. 

Rosalía de Castro por Luis Sellier. Wikipedia
She was born in Santiago de Compostela 181 years ago, on February 24, 1837.

Casa-museo de Rosalía en Padrón. Rosalíadecastro.org
She wrote poems and prose in Galician (Cantares Gallegos, Follas Novas, Contos da Miña Terra) and in Spanish (A Mi Madre, En Las Orillas del Sar) and her work has been translated into languages like English, French, Japanese and Portuguese.

Three ESO students, Adriana, Carlos and Álex have recorded a special podcast to celebrate such an important day for poetry lovers. 

Primary school students have also celebrated Rosalía de Castro’s Day by colouring pop-art illustrations of the poet and reciting some of her best-known poems with the help of their families!

Thanks a million!