Happy Galician Literature Day!

Every year, on March 17, Galicia celebrates O Día das Letras Galegas, a public holiday dedicated to our language and writers. Many cultural events are held on and around Galicia and our school is no exception! Here you have some images of the folk party celebrated by our Very Young Postcrossers.

And here are some of the poems and stories written in Galician by secondary school students. They are now on display in the school's lobby.

The first Galician Literature Day took place in 1963 to commemorate the centenary of Cantares gallegos, the first work written in the Galician language by Rosalía deCastro (1837–1885), who later became one of the most important poets in the history of Galicia. Cantares gallegos was first published in Vigo on May 17, 1863.
You can listen to two poems by Rosalía de Castro in English recited by our students and translated by John Howard Reed: “Daydreaming” and “Why Do You Despise Me?”

Since 1963, each Galician Literature Day has been dedicated to a different writer in the Galician language. 2016 pays homage to Manuel María, a poet and playwright from A Terra Cha (Lugo), best known for his social and political commitment.

Manuel María. El País
Primary school students have chosen 4 of Manuel María's poems for your enjoyment. Thank you, guys!

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