Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day, also known as La Fête de la Reine, May Two-Four, May Long, and May Long Weekend, is a Canadian holiday on the Monday preceding May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday (24 May, 1819)

In some cities, fireworks displays or parades are held to mark Victoria Day. One of the most notable parades is held in the city of Toronto, Ontario.

Victoria Day Fireworks in Toronto. Wikipedia

For many people, the long Victoria Day weekend marks the end of the winter and the unofficial start of the spring or summer season. 

To find out more about this celebration, you can listen to the podcast below recorded by Raquel and Noelia (1ºBac). You will need to know what a Penny Black is. The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. 

Penny Black Stamp. Wikipedia
It was issued in Britain on 1 May 1840, for official use from 6 May of that year and features a profile of Queen Victoria.
Thanks a million, girls!

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