Discover Ourense XXXV: The Spa of as Burgas

Postcard 41 (sent to the German town of Ruesselheim) features a recently built spa area located right behind As Burgas water springs.

Piscina termal As Burgas. Termasourense.com
The spa of as Burgas was inaugurated in 2010 and uses the natural spring of the Burgas, which, as you know from previous posts, continuously produces over 300 litres of water per minute at 67 ºC. The design of the spa, an outside heated pool, was the work of the architect Cesar Portela and its unique integration into the old town makes it one of the very few urban spas in Spain.

Piscina termal As Burgas. Termasourense.com

The water, at 37ºC, is recommendable for skin conditions and rheumatism.

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