Travelling Notebooks IV: Our contribution to ZHOUSHAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL's travelling notebook

A few weeks ago we received a fantastic notebook from China! 
It was created by students from ZHOUSHAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and stopped in the Canary Islands before arriving in Ourense. This is why we had the chance to admire the work of our friends from Zhoushan and from IES César Manrique (Lanzarote) and IES Guía (Gran Canaria).
Our students have been working hard to make their contribution to this notebook; this time they decided to write about different places in our province as well as of our cuisine, music and sports.
And here's the final product! 
We hope our friends at Ulyanovsk school № 76 (Uljanovsk, Russia) will enjoy going through these pages!


  1. Congratulations on your amazing project! It's really inspiring to see all the posts publish, we're really impressed.
    Thanks for having included a link to our blog in your list, it means a lot to us!
    Greetings from Santiago!

  2. I agree. I Love this project!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words! And congratulations on all the work you do! Greetings from Ourense!!

  4. Thank you! Kids really love the project. They are also discovering their our hometown thanks to it! It's so rewarding!