Our contribution to the Third Book Festival

When World Book Day is approaching our school hosts a yearly Book Festival to celebrate the existence of books. 

Its programme includes a wide variety of activities and events: debates, creative writing workshops, theatre and music performances, interviews to authors and plastic artists, video-conferences, exhibitions and film projections. Here’s the programme for this year’s festival.

Because we believe this is a wonderful initiative, we wanted to contribute to the festival by sending “literary postcards”, that is to say, cards that feature anything related to the pleasure of reading or to any literary title. We have been searching for cards with a literary twist and we have discovered two wonderful collections!

This is a collection of 100 postcards with bold graphic interpretations of provocative literary quotes. From Virginia Wolf to Oscar Wilde, from Brontë to Poe to Austen, from William Shakespeare to Romantic poets, we've got our favorite English and American writers covered.
Leaf quote. Bibliophilia. Pinterest

This is a marvelous collection of postcards that illustrate the lives and works of British authors as well as scenes from some of the best and enduring classics!

Reynard postcard sets. Cardcetera

 We have already bought three Reynard postcards featuring scenes of Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Sense and Sensibility, three novels by Jane Austen that centuries after their publication are still really inspiring and enjoyable!

Our contribution will not only be limited to British and American authors. We will also send self-made postcards showing Galician, Spanish and French writers and titles.

Illustrations by ESO students
Rosalía de Castro illustrations by 6th grade students

Stay tuned!


  1. Looking forward to it!It's such a wonderful and exciting event for everyone in our school!

  2. The postcard with Rosalía is really cool!