Rafael Cachaldora visits us!

We are so thrilled! Today we’ve had a very inspiring talk with an artist from Ourense that we all admire, Rafael Cachaldora. You may well remember that we sent 5 postcards featuring some of his colourful and unique representations of various emblematic places in Ourense.

On the occasion of our school’s Third Book Festival, Rafael was invited to give a talk on his artistic production, which is not only limited to digital representations of Ourense but includes fascinating abstract paintings that evoke the prehistoric art of our earliest ancestors.

Cachaldora has told us many interesting things about his sources of inspiration, the evolution of his artistic career, his techniques and workshop, his exhibitions worldwide and, very importantly, about the need to be true to one's passion.

He was very kind to bring us a book of his 2014 exhibition in the Museo Provincial de Ourense, which includes a very special signed dedication:

Our ESO 4 and Baccalaureate 1 students created a piece inspired in Cachaldora’s style and have given it to the artist after the talk. 

He very kindly signed postcards to all the students and a even dedicated one to our project!

Thanks a million, Rafael! We love your art!!

If you want to know more about Cachaldora’s work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook.


  1. It was such a pleasure to have him with us! Our students love the talk and they are looking forward to having him again with us for a workshop! Thanks a million, Rafael Cachaldora!

  2. Guys, you are so lucky. Your teachers are working really hard for you. Make the most of it! I must say that as a postcrosser myself, I love Cachaldora's postcard and every single one I have sent has been marked as FAVORITE! They are loved everywhere they are sent!

  3. So glad to hear that postcrossers like his postcards!The rest of his work is fascinating and best of all, he’s a really nice person, it’s was a pleasure to meet him!

  4. Very nice postcards indeed!

  5. Such a nice initiative to make discover Ourense by postcards of Cachaldora! His illustrations are fascinating!!! Thanks for posting

  6. This postcards are so beautiful, can you get them online? Thank you :-)

  7. I agree, his postcards are amazing!

  8. Thank you for your comments!Scarlett, we don'r really know if the postcards are sold online...you can contact the artist, here's his website:

  9. Saw his postcards on previous posts and they are really good! You were lucky, guys!