Great start to the month with a charming postcard from Bangkok, Thailand!

We start April with an incredibly charming postcard that Apirak has sent us from Bangkok, almost 10,500 km away!!

Thank you Apirak for having chosen this marvellous scene of Bangkok, which helps us to get a glimpse into the timeless charm of the city, as well as witness the role that its many waterways have played in its history.

Laura (2º ESO) has read about Bangkok and has just shared her findings in our previous entry. Thanks, Laura!


  1. I encourage everyone to visit Bangkok, Thai people are exceptionally kind and hospitable, prices are fine and the food...you can find all kinds of delicious food 24 hours a day. The flight from Europe is quite expensive but it is well worth a visit!!

  2. I would love to visit Bangkok. BTW, love your project!