Discovering Canada with Samantha!

Our Very Young Postcrossers have had a wonderful virtual tour of Canada with an exceptional guide, Samantha, who has given them a very clear and entertaining presentation about the main features of this faraway country.

Kids have learnt that Canada is located in the Northern part of the American continent, almost 8,000 kilometres away!

Its capital city is Ottawa and its flag is red and white and features an 11-pointed maple leaf, the characteristic leaf of the maple tree, the most widely recognized symbol of Canada.

Flag of Canada. Wikipedia

Samantha also told our Young Postcrossers about the fauna of her country, characterized by animals as exotic as raccoons, gophers, chipmunks, mooses and also by animals we are quite familiar with like wolves, squirrels and bears. To remember their names in English we played a really amusing game: “The Wheel of Animals”

The sweetest part of the presentation came when Samantha taught kids how to prepare one of the most typical desserts in Canada: S’mores! Why this name? Very easy! When you try some, you want SOME MORE! Or S’MORE!

To prepare your S’more you need to put a marshmallow between two graham crackers with a layer of chocolate... very simple but delicious!!
Samantha has been very generous to share her presentation with us!

Canada from novoescan

Thanks a million, Samantha, for an unforgettable session!!