Postcard 28 is off to Brescia, Italy

Buone notizie!!
We have sent our first postcard to Italy! Postcard 28 is off to Brescia, a town located in the region of Lombardy in the northern part of the country, 1487 km from Ourense!

We hope Monica and Giuseppe, will appreciate Rafael Cachaldora's marvellous illustration of a well-known street in Ourense's old town, rúa Viriato.

Thank you Valeria for writing this postcard and let our Italian friends know about this lively street, the meeting place for anybody who would like to enjoy Ourense's nightlife.

 If you want to know what Rúa Viriato is like, visit our section DISCOVER OURENSE. 

Valeria has virtually explored Brescia and has found out many interesting facts which have been published in EXPLORING PLACES.

Grazie mille, ragazzina!