Exploring Places XLIX: Osnabrück, Germany

The latest card we've received comes from Osnabrück! Here's some interesting information Álex (3º ESO-B) has found out about this city.

Aerial view of Osnabrück. Wikipedia

Osnabrück is a city in the federal state of Lower-Saxony in north-west Germany.

Location of Germany. Wikipedia

Location of Osnabrück within Germany
 It is situated in a valley penned between the Wiehen Hills and the northern tip of the Teutoburg Forest. With a population of around 160,000, Osnabrück is the fourth-largest city in Lower Saxony. The city is the centrepoint of the Osnabrück Land region as well as the District of Osnabrück.


…being the birthplace of Erich Maria Remarque, best known for his novel All Quiet in the Western Front (1929)

Erich Maria Remarque. Wikimedia Commons
Front cover of Allk Quiet on the Western Front. Wikimedia Commons

…being the birthplace of the Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum.

Self-portrait with Jewish identity. Wikimedia Commons

St. Peter's Cathedral
Cathedral. Osnabrück. Wikimedia Commons
The cathedral is a late Romanesque building and dominates the city's skyline. The first version of St. Peter's Cathedral was built in the year 785, 15 years after the diocese was founded by Charlemagne. The Normans destroyed the church 100 years later, and the present version of the church developed only gradually after a fire around 1100.

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary0s Church Osnabrück. Wikimedia Commons
It is one of the most artistically and historically significant buildings in the city. A previous Romanesque church was mentioned in records as early as 1177. However, the history of the church’s construction began some time before its first mention in writing. Archaeological traces suggest the existence of a predecessor building in the 10th century. Construction of the Gothic hall church which exists today started in the 13th century and was completed between 1430 and 1440.

Kirkenuhrn. Wikimedia Commons

Bucksturm. Wikimedia Commons
The oldest tower in the city, and once part of the city walls. It was once used as a prison for women accused of witchcraft.

Osnabrück Castle

Osnabrück Castle. Wikimedia Commons
This 17th century Baroque construction is nowadays the main building of the University of Osnabrück.

Old Town

Osnabrück Market. Wikimedia Commons
Osnabrück’s old town is the historic and original core of the city Osnabrück, it is also called Heger Tor Viertel. The old town offers shopping, small cafés, alleys with historical buildings and the most of Osnabrück’s sights as for example the cathedral and the town hall.


Osnabrück, where memories live on, has gone down in history as a city of peace for its role in the Treaty of Westphalia. But Osnabrück is much more than that. It's also a city of many layers, with something new to discover at every turn.
Watch the video below to find out what life is like in Osnabrück and what it has to offer.


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