We have received a nice postcard from Ghent, Belgium!

A new postcard has arrived from Ghent, one of Belgium's most historic cities, located in Flanders, 1315 kilometres away!

Thank you Tamara for this nice postcard featuring some of Belgium's best known cities and including the name of the country in its two offial languages: French and Flemish.

Bedankt, Tamara! Merci bien!!

One of our school's former students, Patricia Losada, is living in Flanders and she has very kindly shared with us some photos of Tamara's hometown. You can find them together with more information about Ghent in EXPLORING PLACES.

Thank you, Patricia!


  1. Me too! It's a wonderful country!!

  2. Thank you and congratulations on this amazing project!

  3. It's great to read about Belgium on this website!Very nice and complete description!Greetings, Laeti