Discover Ourense XXI: Self-made postcard of two Ourense landmarks

Postcard 21 has travelled to Tubingen in Germany. Paula sent a postcard made by herself featuring two of Ourense’s landmarks.

Since its beginnings, Ourense has been famous for its hot water springs, which were greatly valued by the Romans who moved to the valley almost 2,000 years ago. Today it’s a reference for hot water springs in Europe, with a volume of over 4 million litres of medicinal mineral water flowing daily and a thousand year old hydrotherapeutic tradition.

The Roman bridge, which is one of the main symbols of the city, has been given various names such as Ponte Vella, Ponte Maior or simply A Ponte. Its importance is such that it appears on the shield of the city itself. The old Roman bridge used to be on the outskirts and was a transit point for travellers, merchants and pilgrims but was also frequented by thieves. The nearby Chapel of Los Remedios, built in the 16th century by Méndez Montoto, was intended to Christianise the area, which was a criminal stronghold. Unfortunately, it was burnt down in a recent fire.

Piscina termal de As Burgas. Autor: Miguel Villar
Ponte Vella. Fotos Antiguas Galicia

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