Discover Ourense XXIV: Xinzo de Limia's Carnival

Postcard 24 features Xinzo de Limia's well-known Carnival.

As it’s been mentioned before, Xinzo's Carnival is one of the longest in Spain. The Pantalla is the main figure of the carnival in Xinzo, and runs through the streets in groups of two or three with two swollen pig bladders in the hands making huge noise. If the pantalla finds a male relative or neighbour without a disguise, they will take him into a bar, to pay the fee for not being dressed properly, which is a glass of wine. The group of pantallas will sing a couple of traditional Galician songs while they have the glass of wine.

This is a video recorded, edited and starred by Rubén Gómez which shows how he gets ready for going to the streets and feeling A Pantalla. Enjoy it!


  1. I love the video!! It should be spread out!

  2. Thanks! There's a lot of what we call "sentimento"/feeling in the video. It refelcts how important and special it is to dress as A Pantalla for people in my town. It's fantastic to see them in the streets every year!