Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year when people show their love for each other by sending flowers, chocolates, and of course, cards!
Valentine's Day Cupid. The source.com

The tradition of sending Valentine cards dates back to 1806, when they were began to be assembled in factories. Such early manufactured valentines were composed of black-and-white pictures painted by the factory workers and  contained delicate and artistic messages with illustrations of turtledoves, lovers' knots in gold or silver, bows and arrow, Cupids and bleeding hearts.

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Classic Valentine card.

Valentine's Day Cards now remain extremely popular and are manufactured on an enormous scale! Millions of valentines are sent to sweethearts, children, parents, friends and even teachers!

Valentine Teacher

This video shows the largest Valentine collection in the world with more than 10,000 pieces. Nancy Rosin’s collection is a perfect chronicle of the world’s history of love.

Listen to the podcast that Ana and Lucía have recorded to learn how Saint Valentine is celebrated in different countries. Thank you, girls!



  1. How cute! How lucky Chinses people are! They celebrate Valentine's day twice a year! And bay leaves and dreams!Interesting.

  2. Really interesting information! Thanks for sharing!