Exploring Places XXXIII: Stakonice, Czech Republic

The 16th postcard we've received comes from STRAKONICE!

Strakonice's aerial view. Legrestour.com


Strakonice is in the southwest of the Czech Republic. Strakonice can be found on the confluence of the gold-bearing Otava River and the Volyňka River. Today there live 23.000 inhabitants. It is situated about 60 kilometres from the town České Budějovice, 80 kilometres from the town Plzeň and 110 kilometres from the capital city Prague.

Location of Strakonice. Strakonice.eu

The town has 8 parts (Strakonice I, Strakonice II, Přední Ptákovice, Modlešovice, Virt, Hajská, Střela, Dražejov) and the area of  3468 hectares.

... being  home to the famous piper Švanda and to the famous Czech playwriter J.K. Tyl.

Josef Kajetán Tyl. Wikimedia Commons
...having the last brewery in the Czech Republic (Burghers’ Brewery) to still be owned by a town.

Burghers' Brewwery Strakonice. Wikipedia

Strakonice Castle

The Strakonice castle is an exceptional historical monument, both historically and architectonically. The oldest parts of the castle bear marks of the gothic architecture (The Saint Prokop’s church, the Rumpál tower), the Renaissance influenced the building of the Jelenka tower and the front side of the east part of the castle was rearranged in the classicist style.
The area of the castle has now been a place for various cultural actions.  It is a residence of the Museum of  Central Otava Basin with its exhibitions dedicated to Strakonice, pipers’ tradition or the production of fezes and motorbikes ČZ. In the western part of the castle there is a safari in a former moat where dwarf goats, sheep and ponies gambol.

City Castle. Strakonice.eu

The Marian column on the Palacký Square

The Marian Column. Strakonice.eu

The dominant of the Palacký Square is a baroque Marian column from 1730–1740. It was originally built on the Large Square ofter the great black death in 1586. Marian columns were erected to express thanks for diversion of a Black Death epidemics and as a pray to the Holy Virgin to save the town from the Black Death attack in the future. After the Second World War it was placed onto the Palacký Square.

The Former Townhall

The Former Townhall. Strakonice.eu
The building of the former town hall replaced an earlier lower building with a torrent that was destroyed in a fire. It was a grammar school afterwards and now it is an elementary school. It is situated on the Large Square close to the town office. The academic painter Josef Bosáček decorated the forefront with colourful graffito in 1903 in accordance to thematic cards by Mikoláš Aleš.

Prague Gate Foundations

Stone mosaic. Strakonice.eu

The stone foundations of the eastern entrance to the town called Prague Gate were excavated and examined during the reconstruction of Velké náměstí ("Large Square"). It was built in the mid-16th century as a point of entry into the town. It was destroyed somewhere in the first third of the nineteenth century.
The stone foundations have been archaeologically researched and subsequently filled up.
A stone mosaic was installed on the spot in memory of the major local monument that once stood here.


If you want to find out more about Strakonice and South Bohemia where it is located, watch the video below.


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