Postcard 26 is on its way to Hong Kong, China!

Our Very Young Postcrossers have made their second contribution to this project!

5-year old students have chosen a very beautiful postcard designed by an ESO student, Manuela.

As you can see, Manuela’s card represents Xinzo de Limia’s famous “Pantalla”, a carnival figure that was described in DISCOVER OURENSE. Before our Very Young Postcrossers started to write the card, Manuela explained to them why she had chosen the Pantalla for her illustration.

Thanks a lot, Manuela!!
The destination of card 26 is a faraway city: Hong Kong, China, which our Very Young Postcrossers can now locate on a world map thanks to the help of teacher Eva.

Hope our friend Kevin will like it!

One of the administrators of this blog, Ana,  visited Hong Kong a few years ago. She has told us many interesting things about this exotic city and has helped us select useful information which you can find in EXPLORING PLACES. Thanks, Ana!


  1. My pleasure! Loved reading this entry, congrats!

  2. Great work! Congratulations Manuela on your poscrad!

  3. I agree, this postcard is really well done! Congratulations, Manuela!