A tour of Ourense's old town and visit to the Main Theatre

On the occasion of a visit to Ourense’s Main Theatre, our Very Young Postcrossers have done some sightseeing around the old town and have discovered some of its most emblematic spots.

First stop: Ourense’s tourist office

Visiting the tourist office was a must. We were very kindly received by members of the staff who showed us the premises and gave us some city maps to follow directions and locate the places explored.

Second stop: Padre Feijoo Gardens

These beautiful gardens are located right next to the tourist office. We took a photo in front of the statue of the Padre Feijoo, the eighteenth-century scholar after whom our school is named.

Monumento al Padre Feijoo. Esculturaurbana.com

Third stop: Monument to Comic Characters

We loved this statue showing an elf flying on a gigantic owl, a monument that pays homage to fantasy literature and comic characters.

Fourth stop: Saint Eufemia Church

Another compulsory stop on our way to the theatre was Saint Eufemia Church, a beautiful temple with an impressive Baroque façade. The church is partly unfinished; it has a newly built tower from 1989 and lacks the other that had been planned.

Fifth stop: Rúa da Paz

Before getting to the theatre, we passed by Saint Martin’s Cathedral to contemplate its grandeur. Once in the theatre, we enjoyed a fantastic performance; we were really excited because, for most of us, it was the first visit to a theatre!

Sixth stop: Ourense's Main Theatre

Ourense's Main Theatre was the core of our walking tour! 

We were welcomed by Olga Mojón, the theatre manager, who is responsible for the personnel, financial and administrative aspects of this institution.

Ms. Mojón also showed us the most important parts of this beautiful building: the auditorium with its main seating area, balconies and boxes.

We could also contemplate the theatre's impressive ceiling, with breathtaking paintings by one of the most renowned painters in Ourense, Xaime Quesada (1937-2007)

 And, of course, we had the change to get on the stage and feel the magic of being actors and actresses for a day!

We are very grateful with the theatre staff for the warmth and kindness with which they welcomed us! It was an unforgettable visit!!

Last stop: Our classroom

Back in the school, we traced the route followed on the map we had been given in the tourist office.

We've had such a great time!! Thank you, teachers!!
If you want to find out more about this tour, visit the students' classroom blog.


  1. The Teatro Principal is so beautiful, thanks for telling us that Xaime Quesada painted its ceiling. You can find more information about this painter here:

  2. Wonderful theatre you have in Ourense! Xaime Quesada was an impressive painter!