Discover Ourense XXV: Galician Toy Museum in Allariz

Postcard 25 was made by 4-year-old-students after working on "Project with Toys". They learnt about the Toy Museum in Allariz.

Museo Galego do Xoguete. Turgalicia.es
In 1995, the Allariz City Council opened the Galician Toy Museum on the ground floor of a pazo housing the old courts. The collection was entirely donated by local neighbour Alberto Oro Claro, who bought, collected and preserved over 600 pieces. Loads of people would continue donating toys since that moment. Today, the museum holds more than 1,500 pieces representatives of 20th century toys.

Museo Galego do Xoguete. Wikimedia Commons
Since 2013, the museum has been experimenting a great remodelling, in order continue being a space where elderly can remember their past the children can discover their parents’ and grandparents' toys and games. Nowadays, the collection ranges from 1910 to 1978.

Museo do Xoguete. Allariz.com


  1. I didn't know this museum was in Allariz! Thanks for the information

  2. You're welcome, Clara! It's worth a visit and so is Allariz, a great town to spend a weekend and relax.