Exploring Places XXXI: Gröningen, the Netherlands

The 13th postcard we've received comes from GRONINGEN!


Groningen is the main municipality as well as the capital city of  the most northeastern province of the Netherlands. It borders on Friesland to the west, Drenthe to the south, the German state of Niedersachsen to the east, and the Wadden Sea to the north. With a population of 197,823 (in 2014), it is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands.

Location of The Netherlands in Europe

Location of Groningen
An old city, Groningen was the regional power of the northern Netherlands, a semi-independent city-state and member of the German Hanseatic League. Groningen is a university city: it houses the University of Groningen (about 28,000 students) and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (about 25,000 students).

Faculty of Medicine, University of Groningen


... being a Hanseatic city.
In the fourteenth century, Groningen became a member of the Hanseatic League (1282-1669), a collaboration of merchants primarily from Germany, Scandinavia, England, Poland, the Baltic States, Russia and the Netherlands.

Hanseatic League

   belonging to the top five of best bike cities (57% of all transportation within the city is by bike)
Groningen Cycling City

...having the largest natural gas-field in Western Europe

 ... having the world's largest sugar factory.

Groningen's Sugar Factory


Groningen Museum

Groningen Museum
The Groningen Museum is located opposite the main central station and is the most high-profile museum in the Netherlands. This is due not only to its striking design by Italian architect Mendini, but also because of varying exhibitions, including works by Russian painter Repin, American photographer Andres Serrano, and Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. The permanent collection consists of a large assembly of porcelain and works by the Groningen artists’ collective De Ploeg.

Nederlands Strip Museum (Dutch Comic strip Museum)

Dutch Comic Strip Museum
The Nederlands Stripmuseum is the newest museum in Groningen, and the only one in the Netherlands that highlights comic strips.

Martini Tower

Martini Tower
Martini tower has overlooked the city for over five hundred years. This fourth highest tower of the Netherlands can be climbed until the third gallery, during which visitors can also communicate with the tower via their mobile telephones

The University of Groningen

Rijks Universiteit Groningen
Over 50,000 students are registered at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and University, where they can choose from 175 courses. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen is the largest university of applied sciences in the north of the Netherlands. Students from home and abroad can choose from over seventy training courses in almost any field. The State University has nine faculties, divided over 150 buildings in the entire city and surroundings. The State University is the third university in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Grote Markt

Grote Markt Groningen
The main square holds some gems, of which the Town Hall, dating from 1810, is the most dazzling. The string of cafes along the south side are perpetually buzzing.

If you want to find out what Groningen has to offer to anyone living there, watch the video below.


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