Palabras da man ao corazón

We have been invited to participate in a creative writing initiative coordinated by Diana Pastoriza, the head of studies of the school of languages in Ribeira (Coruña). Read the description of our school HERE.

In Diana’s words, Palabras da man ao corazón aims to “enhance the act of writing by hand and to value paper as a learning tool”.For such a purpose, we will take part in two exciting projects:

We will create a notebook and send it to 5 different high schools.
IES César Manrique (Lanzarote, Spain)
IES Guía (Gran Canaria, Spain)
Sekolah Menengah Ayer Puteh (Malaysia)
Zhoushan Senior High School (Zhejiang, China)

Diana's libreta viaxeira 
We will also send them a parcel wrapped in many layers with small gifts inside.

Diana's parcel

We cannot wait to start our notebook!!

Thanks, Diana!!


  1. I wish I had done something similar when I was a student! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, it's so exciting to receive a new notebook and share information with other students!!