Exploring Places LXXIV: Hannover, Germany

Jocelyn is the first student to send a postcard in 2017! Its destination:  HANNOVER (GERMANY)

View of Hannover


Location of Hannover in Germany. Wikipedia

Hannover is a city found in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located 52.37 latitude and 9.73 longitude and it is situated at 57 meters above sea level. Hannover has a population of 515,140 making it the biggest city in Lower Saxony.


... being the place where Hochdeutsch, the most standard German, is spoken.

... The CeBit, the largest and most internationally represented computer expo.

Cebit. Visit Hannover
...being the hometown of the rock band The Scorpions.

The Scorpions


Herrenhausen Gardens

Herrenhausen Gardens

Herrenhausen Gardens are Hannover’s most famous attraction and have been a striking example of grand horticultural style for more than 300 years.
The centrepiece, the “Great Garden”, is the most important baroque garden in Europe and is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Just like the ladies and gentlemen of the court in centuries gone by, visitors today can stroll around amidst opulently designed beds, splendid sculptures and artistically clipped, illuminated hedges. Water features can be heard babbling in hidden corners while the Great Fountain rises to an impressive height of 70 metres. Originally created by Electress Sophia as the “Grand Jardin de la Leine”, the Great Garden is one of the few baroque parks which has retained its basic structure until today.

The Old Town

Old Town Hannover

In the days before the Second World War there was a large old town in the centre of Hannover with narrow lanes and many half-timbered buildings from the Middle Ages. A lot of poor people lived there under bad conditions. Ordinary Hannoverians stayed away from the old town because they also considered it a place of crime and demimonde. The historic value of the picturesque old buildings interested but a few.
The old town of Hannover extended from Steintor to Aegidientorplatz and is today only recognizable by its elliptical shape. The old main streets like Osterstraße, Schmiedestraße, Knochenhauerstraße, Burgstraße, Leinestraße and others are linked by numerous lanes and join again at the old gates as was common in German merchants' settlements in the Middle Ages.


Marktkirche. Hannover

The Marktkirche - the church at the market place - was built in the 14th century. The marketplace was at the very centre of urban expansion in Hannover. Merchants and craftsmen used to live around here. In the 14th century, the Marktkirche ("The Church at the Marketplace") was built here. Together with the Old Town Hall to the right they are considered to be the southernmost specimens of the "North German neo-Gothic" style.

The Old Town Hall

Altes Rathaus Hannover

A historical building dating back to 1500 a.d. The old Town Hall was built over a period of more than 100 years. The earliest part (from 1410) overlooks the Schmiedestrasse (Blacksmith Street), the later wing next to the market was erected on the foundations of the 13th century trade hall. The adjacent wing in the Koebelinger Str. is called the "Chemists' Wing ("Apothekenflügel"), because it was the location of the Town Hall's pharmacy. This wing was later rebuilt in Italian Romanesque style, after a citizen's "action group" led by a well known neo-Gothic architect, Conrad Wilhelm Hase, managed to save the entire building from demolition in 1844. Hase was subsequently commissioned to renovate the remaining wings in their original style of 1500, with its exceptional gothic gables and the ornamental frieze.

Hannover's Green Lung: The Eilenriede

Hannover Eilenriede

Europe's largest city forest in the heart of Hannover. At around 640 hectares, Hannover possesses the largest forest in the heart of a city in Europe – even Hyde Park in London and the Bois de Bologne in Paris do not compare. This green lung mostly lies close to the city centre in the eastern part of Hannover. With a convenient web of pathways and hundreds of benches for resting, with lakes, lawns for sunbathing, children's playgrounds and forest inns, the Eilenriede fulfils many needs of citizens seeking recreation.

Hannover has plenty to offer: the highest quality of life and an excellent environment for daily work and business growth. Renowned universities, international trade fairs and strong high-tech industries make Hannover one of the state-of-the-art locations in Germany. More than 1 million people live here. Within a radius of 500 km, there are no less than 130 million people, the four biggest European cargo ports, five capital cities and all of Germany's major industrial centres.
Enjoy a Hannover timelapse image film - one day in the vibrant city of Hannover in just 5 minutes! 


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